Champions? reborn

Humble beginnings

Getting settled

Our hero awakens in a quiet vale and after a short search reaches a nice quiet village. After some small talk in the inn he is asked by the innkeeper( a big burly man) to go to the hunters hut, and pick up some meat for his wild stew.He is told some local farmhands will show him the way to the hut.

The farmhands seem to be a couple of twins ( a human and a half-elf). Both seem eager to accompany him , but in the end he goes with the less talkative human brother, who quickly arms himself with some old armour and an axe.

As they arrive at the hut they see it is being attacked by a gang of kobolds. A heated 3-stage battle later, they reach the top of the hut, where a tiefling is barely holding off the last group of kobolds.The ranger lies dead in the corner. After helping dispatch the kobolds, the tiefling, named Bel, explains that he is the rangers apprentice and the kobolds apparently where trying to abduct him to use his blood in some infernal ritual.

They decide to rid the village of this kobold menace ( who also where accused of stealing sheep). After entering and clearing the trap-ridden kobold lair, there is much celebration.



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