Champions? reborn

Mayor trouble

As our hero goes to visit the mayor to talk to him about the local bandit problem, he notices a flash of light coming from the closed second story bedroom window in the mayors house. When he rushes into the room he finds the mayors son, standing over his fathers dead body, the window open.

The son, called sar’akan,tells him that it was one of the local bandits who killed him and then escaped trough the window. He implores them to dispose of these bandits, and as proof to bring him the amulet he saw upon his killer. To avoid total panic he asks them to keep it quiet.

Our hero decides to get help from the stablehand(Mort), who asks him to take the barons daughter with them, as she alwalys likes some way to escape from her dreary life at her fathers mansion. After piking her up we learn that Mort and the baron’s daughter where having an affair, and they often used to have this kind of adventures.

After a short romp along the main road they get , expectedly, ambushed by some of the bandits. After disposing of them, they decide to interrogate one of them for the location of the hideout.

They easily clear out the hideout, and learn that the recent disappearings weren’t just random killings, but the bandits where selling the people to a slaver, who quickly disappeared trough an underground tunnel. Instead of pushing on they decide to return to town to rest, and see the mayor about that reward…



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